Saturday, 1 January 2011

Firsts - The Difference in generations

First time you went to a footie game, first day of school, first last day of school, first kiss with a proper girlfriend, first time you remember a historical moment, , first time to drink a real pint in real pub, first time to double digit, first time to be thirteen... a damn sight better than first time to forty and forty plus.....

My life is losing its firsts and I am aware I have not yet climbed Everest, I am happy to leave that to others, my big firsts will rest in my younger years.

My firsts are now the first time my boy scores at football U15's, the first time I watch a daughter go on a proper date, the first time I study a clock as it if was a TV, she will come home safely.

I am growing old and firstly I wish to grow happy, that means I have done my best against the wishes of the teenage brain. To do what I consider my best and they interpret as my worst and I hope secondly my reward comes in later years.

My bedpan will be washed by what were once teenage hands.

I know the ages change as my parents first historical moment was not brought by the first TV moment to implant a brain. And for my teenagers I hope their firsts are also not brought only by a digital electron.

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