Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Socks were just the start

Where's my socks was only the start. I am a elderly victim of sock-stealing teenagers and now they are taking liberties.

Where's my vintage sunglasses and its not even sunny.

I will rant if I want to, because my boy is putting the die, before the ball, before the ill, before the call and spelling diabolical. I do not want to hear the call of death with or without an illness, just yet.

And as a living person still, I want not only my socks, I want my sunglasses, the heritance will have to wait


  1. My husband offered his old Ray Bans to our son, who had been saying they were a cool brand. When son examined the proffered shades he sniffed and said, "yeah, but they're not aviators are they?". Ungrateful boy.

  2. At least Homer Simpson socks manages to jump the generation gratefulness gap.
    D'oh is cool in any language, although perhaps I should also sayby same token, my toes are getting cool, frio and kalt in several languages