Friday, 28 January 2011

Are you a Hobbit?

If you can't call the Teenager a Hobbit who can you call.

I am no doctor, but a fact is a fact. Apparently according to a long forgotten documentary-educational promo- in strange but true telly progs ~ extremities go first for the extra inches and grow larger than other body parts first.

Let us not get smutty, when it is enough to say, if the Teenager has a ring around his neck and thinks Middle Earth is a recognisable location for a holiday destination, this theory has my blessing based on the physical evidence before me.

Big Foot has landed, my boy is a Hobbit.

Sadly this obviously funny rant is getting scant regard by the youth of today, in fact I will go as far to say there is not respect for scientific thoery. He thinks he deserves to be treated as a fully fledged adult-in-waiting. But he is from a sock-stealing hobbit tribe. He is a Hobbit.

Is it my fault, I honestly ask you, if his feet are causing a bigger footprint than is absolutely necessary from a torso-leg-foot ratio proportional scenario. He considers I am insensitive.

I am welcoming a changeling hobbit into my family as a son, how sensitive does he want me to be?

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