Friday, 7 January 2011

Tell me a Secret, James

Conspiracy theories have taken root and flourish like mushrooms in the dark. These are the teenage years and its a case of "for only young eyes only".

Like a daily dose of newspaper expose of all things bad in celebrity that we read for sake of a good gossip on a national scale, the Pryce family breakfast is cerealised in our failed unison. Cornflakes or rice crispies or jam nutella toast.....We are different animals these days. The radio is drowned by the regular sensation of decibel shouting tirades that we share in place of platitudes about the weather, squeezed out mid gulp, that masquerades as that which the Pryce family these days call a Breakfast chat.

Then there is the equivalent of a Burning Bush, as a phone trills happily to a teenage beat. The telephone is the Peacemaker.

We have a sign of secrets to be told, teenage secrets to be told in whisper. A miracle is heard, a teenage voice that normally cannot go lower than B Horror Movie sound track during a chase between innocence and impending violence, suddenly it whispers sweet nothings into a phone, a teenager standing just so far as to be unheard, by the stairwell.

It may be love, it may be a plot for the "my drug hell" kiss and tell serialised tabloid splash, or the "let's be truants together" heee-hee, or it could be laryngitus. Who knows, but ears are pricked, neck is bent and we are trying to find out, so that I know. I am that parent.

Body language is read and I can determine sweet nothing like a dyslexic with alphabet spagetti soup, I am slurping at the font of nkwoedlge. No offence to dyslexic people I hope, please call me Lardy if you wish.

The teenager squirms a smile, it is a sign, a head is turned, a smile is hidden with a brief, fleeting flash of the eyes towards me and a look - yes that look of this is "my" conversation. Yes daughter and a conversation "in my house".

A phone is zapped silent, a head is shaken in dissapointment, and a mind is stirred more than my tea, so a teenage mind is stirred quite a lot......a teenager is not happy. A head is shaken. No surprise there.

Phone tapping is legal in one's home. No court would convict.

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