Saturday, 15 January 2011

W.E. stands for.....

The Pryce family ethic is work hard, work harder and if push comes to shove work hardest until the defribilator fuses and the life support flatlines and the Stand Clear instructions of the para medics are a distant whisper. There are no frills attached to this executive lifestyle that occasionally means a photograph is needed to cross reference there is a Daddy at the door and not a stranger.

Or at least that is Pa Pryce work ethic, sharing this work ethic, implanting it on the kids as if it was a DNA marker was an objective in my touching Bass ethos of 80s cliche whilst running flags up poles to see which way the wind blows but always knowing that feet and ground should always be connected. I had taught my kids well....until the teenage storm blew the flag. Light breezes become tornados so easy recently.

I thought it was another success on my parenting technique......I was about to write the parenting book made esay, I was niaive, I was in an ivory tower about to be knocked down by an angry elephant. An elephant aged double digit and three. I did not expect that dull could be put in my idyllic.

My teachings are cast aside like a working class yoke that is out of step with the real world. I am by definition an unreal bloke as I encourage homework, brushing teeth and putting plates at least in the general vicinity of the kitchen area. I am probably considered quaint in my old fashioned ways.

Pass the liver salts and hot water bottle and look forward to drawing another breath. And make that another breath a "take a deep breath Mr Pryce" ~ the heart attack can wait until the teenagers not only think they can stand on their own two feet, becasuse Pa Pryce needs to know their feet are also connected to the ground. WE will survive.

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