Thursday, 30 December 2010

Radio radio

That is a fetching guitar riff. A fetching riff on the radio

But we are home-side of the radio, we are Karaoke at home, we are teenager readying himself for stardom, band name is chosen, rock stare is natural, lip is snarled, rock influences have been listed, now is the time to rock for the first time. A guitar strap is strapped.

There are teenagers about to strum.

A Guitar plays on, a riff sounds a bit....well...un riffy..... I am actually struggling to hear a riff, I do hear a kinda sound. I am not struggling to put my hands over my ears. I donna want to be unkind, but its cruel to be kind. There is a circuit breaker to pull in a what can and will be described as coincidence.

The teenage years may be long and require ear plugs and my retirement may require hearing aids.

We are going unplugged before MTV come knocking.

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