Saturday, 9 April 2011

Yipes...mirror mirror on the wall tells all

Zits, thank God, for zits.

Thank God for mirrors. This adult-in-waiting can see the visible signs, we can see the visible signs, boys can see visible signs, the world will have to wait before this girl goes prematurely to the Prom. She has to wait a tad longer before thinking she is a grown-up.

There is a zit, a zit that says hormones are a-charging and you are younger than you may like to think. And thankfully a zit makes you look as young as you are with all the best makeover creams in the world cannot quite make that zitless look.

One or two zits just enough to slow the race to illicit things that I leave it to my wife to navigate.

But she is not happy. Another lesson in the life's teenage tapestry.

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