Friday, 22 April 2011

Teenage Tantrums thru the night

In my day and age of teenage kicks, we knew how to rock'n'roll without a digital tampering sample dub or words to that effect.

The weather is hot and the Teenager is un-nerved in a cold digital world. There is something wrong, my spidey sense is in the redddening zone.
I may need some subterfuge; I may need persuasion, this is a tough call, but I'm doing it for the kids. Breaking the silence may need more than wind.

Today I have to decode the teenage dna, we walk together in the park. This may be groundbreaking in more senses than earthquake. I am about to enter the teenage zone of reasons why it is hard to be a teenager in a modern cruel world. I am about to receive the key to understanding teenage kicks throughout the night in a New Millenium.I understand the modern cruel world is roughly translated as me, as in Dad, as in embarassing Dad syndrome. Apparently I can be embarrassing, a parent, I am apparently not a teenage asset. I am am being asked to parent in the shadows.

In my age, you could get to cool via nerd by excelling as a super nerd. Super nerds were cool because they made left-of-centre positively so off centre that falling over was a necessity with or without alocohol.

However this middle-aged super nerd apparently has returned to nerd with or without alocohol. Apparently, if this boy-father-son-hobbit thing is only going to work, if I give up the skull and cross bones t-shirt. Or as his teenage compromise, and he believes it is a major concession, at least not wearing the "garment" outside the house.

Apparently sacrifices are being called for.

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