Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Survival of the ........

Darwin, I suggest may re-write his theory of evolution given the right circumstancial evidence and the Pryce family is just about as circumstancial as one can get this side of a dodo.

I am keen to communicate, I welcome conversation. I am one to enjoy the rise and fall of an accent. Today I am abandoned to more monosyllables than one man should get after saying "I do. My teenagers speak in words unfortunately one at a time. Minutes may pass before another is cursed into the air.

By darn, my inner calm is being tested, because my outer calm has gome walkabout big time.... its doin' a bloody marathon. This is dumb, because it can't be dumber, its got two syllables.

A battle wits of my sardonic eloquence against the one word resistance of the verbally challenged teen.

I know I am losing as the Teenagers smile. Monosyllabic to non syllabic. Darn them.

Lessons in staying cool are brewed from years of deep freezing. I am reaching boiling point.

Time for the big guns. Its time to refer to the zits, there may be tears. Tears have no syllables.

I feel I may be losing the Dad of the Year Award, that I used to win annually without trying. I have the cups to prove it, washed to ceramic in the dish washer, over the years the words have been erased. Perhaps more than the words have been erased. The meaning of the words once perceived for the gullible toddler buying public, now an empty sign of the effort poured in to earn the right to be put on this pedastal . A pedastal not sought but welcome.

We used to walk in the park, I used to carry her on the shoulders of the Giant growing smaller with the years. We used to ....

Its time to roll back the years to come back to a balance,........sorry.

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