Thursday, 21 April 2011

Poor parenting made esay

I have more bags under my arms than under my eyes. This is a long way of saying that I have a lot of bags. Bags in all shapes and sizes, I am a connoisseur, a suitacse buff of necessity........Hardcase - soft case, 24 hours case, the lightweight emergency one, the mega expandable multi-zip, the "two dayer" (business) as opposed to the "weekender" (pleasure), the "week", the "overnighter", the laptop carrier in versions small, medium, large and large with wheels and to wrap it up the British Expeditionay Force Trunk.

It is all a symptom, a sign like a burning bush without the smoke, it all means I am away a lot.

I am remote parenting and feeling guilty.

I am single parenting the kids as a byproduct of earning the family crust. Life was not meant to be this way when I was a teeanger. I was going to be...... a proper Dad.

I appear to be a "the Visiting rights" bloke who looks a bit like the foto on the walland without the court papers. I may be the man putting Diss in Dysfunctional.

School interviews missed, the footie game foregone, the serious talk over ciggy mis-used unsaid, the laughter over the family legends not re-told and the years are gone.

Time to turn new leaves before the autumnal years.

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