Saturday, 6 November 2010

Party Time

Pre party time is spent getting the family sty ship-shape and readily available for national advertisements campaigns for family values by a leading soap company or well paying alternative branded sponsor.

We have visitors, visitors are visiting the Pryce family zoo, there will be teenagers on show, by damn and I am afraid to bring out the "do not feed the animal" signs in case the teenagers may go hungry.

My career, my social network is at threat. Whose idea was this to party whilst we had teenage children, whose idea of stupidity was this. has these mad moments.

Where once a party was six pack of beer cans and a packet of crisps, it now has bottles of wine with years marked to show our good taste, food requires plastic knives and forks and disposable paper plates rather than finger lickin' good crisp bag.

Invitations, to the great and the good in the Pryce family circle of trust, record the necessity for casual dress. My teenagers may be right, I am losing my fun edge. Who in my past, in their right mind would dare to turn up to a Pryce family get down and party without jeans. Now I am making it compulsory.

The evening comes, I tell stories, jokes, the teenagers miraculosly are kind to strangers, they answer questions that would normally be guffawed away as below their teen credibility; my teenagers are still in touch with humanity. They even laugh at my jokes that they may have heard before, they laugh at my jokes at their expense and I reciprocate vice versa a,s they mock the fat fella that sometimes shouts at them.

Its hard to be a fat old fella and not know there is a comedic trough for the swine to feast on.

Pryce family re-engages in the zoo. Breaking down the cages of heartache.

The goalposts have shifted at party time and the paradigm re-set. It good to have a mad moment.

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