Friday, 26 November 2010


An "Education, Education, Education" mantra is reduced into "Grades, grades and grades". And who cares if you cannot remember a single iota after exam day. Damn I want to be a proud Dad on results day. There is my social standing to think of.

Passes and fails, carrots and canes.

Motivation of the teenage brain is a parental challenge. I do my best, I talk the talk, I limp the walk, I do bad cop, I've done good cop and a promise of a some electronic megabyting mini-midi-thingy..

I talk of my failures and how if I had done it different, I talk of successes of rewarded effort, I talk about the western world economy and a fighting chance to get on, I talk about having enough money to buy a car at a young age, I talk about bin collection being a viable option of a career.

Threats and promises sit side by side and sometimes make up to a teenager making a teenage effort of doing teenage homework-doing, sometimes not.

THere it is the young adult showing independence and maturity - the right to decide, including deciding wrongly damit?

I am afraid the 18 "pimp my ride", sweet sixteen, two and half men- elderly owner car will not be bought, because my back seat driving is not warranted or required.

And if I cannot back seat drive I'll be damned if there is to be front seat driving.

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