Saturday, 30 October 2010

The candle burns at one end

Manners maketh man. Man maketh babies. Babies maketh noise. Noise maketh attention. attention maketh something deeply significant.
Sometimes I ramble, which is a useful tool in arguments. Rambling maketh a lilly white livered liberal raising tuition fees.

I am having an argument, an argument that I will win because I am an adult and he is a child.

I may be living longer, apparently I am, that is according to modern science. Therefore doctor, today is another birthright day of winning arguments.
I ruled with an iron fist that only looked pink. I could change time so was my power, bedtime could start at 3pm if there had been naughtiness.
But suddenly these days, these older days, without knowing when I actually morphed, but I think I may be in a parallel universe because this winning an argument malarchy is taking longer than usual.

Each new day it is taking longer than usual to be absolutely right. I must argue about cleaning teeth, picking up clothes, doing homework, not leaving doors open, not lazing in a chair when there's homework to be done, not staring at a tv dedicated to killing in an electronic world. And stop playing that bloody guitar.

I am growing old , he is wearing me down. I must stay strong for the children,...ummm..... no... I must stay strong because of the teenager......future of the teenager, the future they see as care free and I see as a clockwork, concrete jungle and any other cliche I can think of.

I am losing arguments that rely on experience that he does not have. My future is dull and short, his future is bright and long. And who is the better man to share a happy hour drink with?

I had more than my fair share of left of centre dreams as a teenager. I grew older, I grew wiser but not wise as nutty University Professors. I grew wiser in the University of the Streets.

I am worn down by the years that my education becomes remedial.
I am crushed by the logical counter-arguments based on theory and not practice.
I am worn down by teenage idealism.

He may be right, he may be the one who escapes the rat race. He may lead the art race.

But just in case please do your homework.... please.

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