Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Human Alarm Clock

I am off to foreign climes, where the sun does shine, to earn the Yankee dollar and sit in meeting rooms where the sun does not shine. This calls upon me to get-up an ungodly hour to face the taxi drive to a nearest airport.

My son on the otherhand is not getting up at ungodly hour because he will already be up at an ungodly hour. He has announced his intention to party in some home somewhere and return sometime in the night that may be morning. Initially described as a home, under interrogation it becomes a house, but under further interrogation it is apparently a building, occasionally occupied by a club and therefore perfect for rock'n' roll or as hip-hop rave or something. We are grateful  for his announcement, albeit with so many caveats it probably needs a legal review. It would have been nice to have been asked, but this still should be seen as a positive that we were still in the circle of trust to at least be informed.

We can still worry, but at least we know what we are worrying about. I think.

He says he may be late.

I feel our ships in the night that becomes morning may cross, my breakfast will be his supper. No need for an alarm clock for me then.


  1. If you time it right, he could make you breakfast or at least make the coffee?

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    1. Sorry a few typos in my first go, so

      Oh Ye...ess?

      I see your boy has given you misconceptions of teenagers in general or at least in this home, which is a good thing, and I am now suffering pangs of jealousy.

    2. Unfortunately I was dreaming that maybe things were different in your world. Rest assured my son neither knows where the kettle is nor how to turn tit on. He can find a packet of cereal and a bowl, if pushed.

    3. Turning tits on or lack thereof, is probably an unfortunate typo, i feel your son may appreciate this correction

  3. I laughed enough at the post (reminding me of my own mispent yoof), but the comments above made me laugh even more! :D

  4. Danke.

    I think you probably made the breakfast with coffee.