Friday, 14 June 2013

Taking the pledge

Perhaps its time for a thought for a day.......Abstinence  can be a good thing from a liver-kidney perspective, on the otherhand  when the lubrication is causing a fair degree of mirth then well... I am all for otherhands like  Hindu goddesses.

And so perhaps for another day another thought......being a nominated driver is a duty to be shared.

Two days make a weekend and thoughts collide in what is probably the vacuum of middle aged brain.

So as a parent I am somewhat in world of forced abstinence and 24/7 commitment to chauffering  as nominated by a shared DNA. Perhaps I exaggerate, but this thought merging-collision- fusion can be dangerous....I am getting critical in my old age. Grumpiness appears to inescapably linked to my middle age girth. Not a good thing.

I have time to think....... sitting in a car, when he is late on promises to be here sitting in a passenger seat, because of his friends are no doubt enjoying the pa..aaart-ee and he too. Biding my time waiting in Grumpiness and  somehow hoping one giant leap for teenage kind is not really a leap to Granpa-ness before my time.

And  my friends are probably drinking possibly a pint or two and laughing at jokes shared. I fear I am not the perfect serenity of parenthood that I should be - I am Teetotal by Teenager.

I will wait. He will be safe, my liver will be relieved a little and soon I can pay for driving lessons with the beer money saved. Every cloud has a .....

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