Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Four Elements of Teenage

There are certain things in life which brings a universal balance and others which do not. Raging hormones, I fear are not balance-equilibrium- world  peace thing bringers. But teenage years go by;  we,  or really they, are hopefully getting there. I am getting philosophical here which is probably not a good sign in my parenting.

As a firm believer in  that I probably know more than my teenagers because I am by any definition older than they are. I am more fire and brimstone than fire extinguishers and stoney-rocky things that do not brim, but maybe I need to consider other concepts.......

I have been active in my studies of the teenagers and took a healthy interest in their development and now I am passive observer as they considered my interest as intrusion.

I am not really one for all this earth wind, water and fire, the "four elements" apparently, although I may be wrong and should have checked with Wiki.

However I am now in a position to break the mould with my ground-breaking paradigm from my ongoing study of teenager-parent- paper-scissors-stone trials of parenthood...I present to you the "Four Elements of Teenage". I say to you -  Blood, water, stoney-rock thing, and hard place.

My theory is based on undoubtable logic of the teenage maelstrom, unless you wish quibble over stones and rocks not being the same thing. I am adult I can change it to 'Five' for hair-splitters, or if one is an older adult thinning hair splitters.

So to explain...

As a parent I gotta be there for them as blood is thicker than water,  so I stand in silence remembrance as communication is like getting blood from a stone, which leaves me between a rock and hard place, wanting to help and being unwanted.

On the other hand, I think I may be reading too many  books about cliches to compensate for these in-penetratable silences.

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