Saturday, 24 December 2011

Smells like....Sees like Teen Spirit

My daughter has changed in ways, her sense of smell has gone, her sense of vision is impaired.

I may be an over anxious father but hey thats fatherhood...... from the days long ago, when I kissed a baby' forehead and was thankful that I had calculated methodically that one arm plus one arm counted two... result!,two, three... ten toes ... result! and on and on......
and one smile,......... it was a smile, that may have been soon a burp,........ but for me it was a smile...... a confirmation of how father/daughter hood would be....... and then silently and possibly immediately I started planning a University education.

Soon she too could count quite quickly her fingers and toes and more, she could read too how many fingers and toes the biology books said; soon those bright eyes would adorn a photograph, I was sure some day, wearing cap and gown.

Today she could frighten children as a Halloweeen version of traffic lights...apparently red, green and amber are "in". The smile could well be called a snarl. The arms and legs, I hope are still counting two, because the present style is baggy, next week it may be clinging.

Perfume is splattered liberally and randomly, that she may have a following of stray cats if she walks the back alleys.

And I am funding these dramatic shifts in top model-r-us.

She is finding her way, .....they say..... have patience ...they say...and I am now not planning, but praying the way may pass a University.

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