Friday, 5 August 2011

Like Chocolate

I am at a loss. This may be a recurring theme in my future fathering.

I am being held responsible for childhood obesity. How I hear you ask. How indeed. I the guilty parent undertook the crime of committing the act of buying chocolate. The chocolate was thendeliberatlely left visible to a teenage daughter. I am a bad father.

How could she maintain her weight, let alone actually lose weight, whilst I shamefully taunted her with delicious choccy in a fridge,

Chocolate decision making resistance is not to be left to the inner determination of a teenager apparently. If I wish to buy and eat chocolate, apparently I should discreetly eat in the privacy of my own room.

I must guess what other decisions I must make for her and which decisions I should respectfully leave to he as an adult- in- waiting that should be respected as having a mind of her own. She is not a child I am regularly advised as a pink pullover with a horsey motif is no longer princess cool.

I feel this line I tread is smaller than my boot size.

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