Sunday, 18 March 2012

Evolution of the spoken Word

Gay once meant happy. It probably still does. Words evolve, things change in meaning. Life moves on. We grow old.

Australian convicts and their guards once spoke with a British accent, that mutated in generations to the Aussie accent. Hoorah for diversity.

But and double but again, why-oh-why does the teenage language evolve to make each sentence too long and disingenuous, it could bore the pants off a drill with pants on. And drills know how to bore.

My daughter use of emphasis-as-a-form of disgust, involves introducing multiple syllables into the language of adult-child commuiques.
"I wee-ll no-ot make you a co-offee" a child huffs
-' ok i'll have a tea' an adult speaks
" oh you-ew th-ink you-ew ar-Re So-o funny" a child puffs.

I cannot recall if I spoke the same way at her age, my age colours the memory a shade of grey. Or perhaps, Grey was the new Gr-ey.

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