Friday, 11 February 2011

i need a tall hat

How dare he be taller than me.

I can accept evolution. I can accept survival of the fittest, I can accept the natural order of the world, but by darn there is an exception to my kindly demeanour, I ~Pa Pryce ~ am the tallest in this family. I am an adult, by all things decent in the modern world.

And by damn and all things patriarchical in the world order, he is taller than me with or without high heels. Albeit that hairgel is adding more spikes than an athlete's foot and exaggerating his prowess. But this neck crick is not going to go away.

I am the wearer of trousers in this house and trousers should not be worn without socks.

So there is one thing of this being taller malarchy, at least I get my socks back from Mr Hobbit.

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