Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Candle burns at Both ends

Smoking....please don't.

The peer group, its the way it is, the experimentation, the adult stylie, the cigarette burns fast, the cancer is slow, the package warning is for reading in regret..... years later.

They are young, they will do what they or their girlfriend want. The cigarette burns and the candle of life burns at the other end.

The other end I will face, athritic, bed ridden, dribbling, incoherent in parts, a burden on a global society maybe, 5 minutes off that life..... is it worth the "cool" ....the popularity.....the centre of the western universe gravitates to teen .

But I am chasing "cool" as I am wearing t-shirts like a mutton. I am forcing an aging body to the rigours of youth in a fitness centre that can be reclassified as a middle age chamber of pain, in order to achieve what my teenagers have already. And the mirror still says I am losing the battle but not weight, until the light switch allows me to return to the dream. I am looking to turn back the years to cool.

But still I say white lines don't do it.

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