Friday, 25 February 2011

I had chills...

John Travolta was not an actor, he was a singer trailing number ones across a Top of the Pops video.

I was in a queue to the cinema about to get my fill of Summer Lovin', with other teens. I was getting chills amongst a peer group of both male and female equation and a charge of hormones were getting hot.
Now my chills, as the decades passsed, are calmed by a hot water bottle and a cup of cocoa.

My boy is Goth, son of D&D of the tribe Emo. My teenager is blazing a trail in the darkness to the sound track of jingly jangly chains, although "jingly jangly" is not exactly an Emo friendly word like "Thor" - God of the Underworld that we call Thunder.

Call me a Seer but my boy is unlikely to get chills unless its Halloween, it is a full moon and the neck looks a likely source of blood to be sucked by a vampire and the radiator has an air lock.

But I am wrong there are Fee-Goths, daughter of D&D of the tribe Fee-Emo and by Thor himself, very pretty under the makeup. And by Thor himself is that a hicky from the Vampire-ette.

By the rock Gods of my youth, I am wrong.


  1. Aw, young love, Goth-style. How romantic!

  2. I am alreday looking forward to reading Bram Stoker's Dracula to the grandchildren, but I will refuse to give up my garlic bread no matter who is comimg to dinner