Thursday, 23 December 2010

Is that something edible in my soup?

Is that a plane. Is that a train. No, no and no its not even a fly in my soup, it is spoon. Granted, that is normal you may say.
But it maybe abnormal for healthy eater that it is not moving much between liquid and mouth.

To cut a long story short. Is that another vegetable soup, wifey? I do not care this spillage from an organic farm is supposedly healthy.

Is that a spoon in my soup? Is that a spoon in my mouth? Not bloody likely. I am a meat eater. I am a hunter gatherer. I want my meat and do not fob me off with that silver spoon, the peasants will not eat cake in the pa Pryce house.

Organic, or vegan, or meat-equivalent. Times have changed in teenager culinary needs. It has morphed from MucBurgers and make no mistake I like my MucBurgers and super-fat-me-carb-intake to a teenager politically correct eat what you like as long as it is green E-non-coli B- for-bu ....

For the teenager twosome green now means green, the dark side has morphed into a deeper shade of green. This eco-friendliness has gone bad when a leg of lamb is not turned around a glistening spit but turned down.

There is a ray of hope. Small mercies that there is life in the teenage taste buds, as yet as far we know, although confirmation is hard to find in the secret world of the teenager. I am an investigator and I have found silver wrappers in the dustbin area, it if my spidey sense is still spidery, seems to confirm that as far as brown succulent chocolate is concerned the teenagers are still indulging it up with best of them.

So back to plot, today diet is important to the teenage mind and I recognise in a humane teenage world that no animal or an amphibian or bipedal neathanderathal has been hurt in the making of this chicken nugget. Probably MucBurgers may have a better chance rather than a loin steak in this category. But even a minority portion of meat in my Chicken nugget is probably, and I may be wrong, involving a little bit of killing. And again I am no expert and I have not been on the receiving end to verify this, but killing probbaly does hurt a little.

I am a father in a state of fad-induced sunday dinners to satisfy the teenagers. Meat and two vegetables is not cutting it. The teenagers are cutting tofu and green stuff masquerading as real carbohydrates

A new scene - a new time ~ a coincidence of time - a moment of destiny guided by the hand of your God of choice ~ a teenage own-goal ~ an adult looks on ~ a boy outside a fast food restaurant - a girl - girls - peer group pressure and the mercury is rising - a boy that is a teenager -that is my boy - a father looks on ~ a spy~ a boy entering restaurant partaking of what my boy has described as poison.

A boy about to forego principles for the sake of getting the girl. A father walks on silent in the knowledge of being there and done that with whiskers on.

God bless testerone. Go boy go.

And I should be thankful that Pa Pryce spidey-sense nostrils are not detecting a suspicion of nicotine on the breath......yet.... green to nicotine phase appears to await.

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