Friday, 1 October 2010

note to self

I am not really a Note-to-Self person , but to make up for this lack of educational thoroughness, fortunately I have teenagers wanting to give me direction, although I thought I already knew the way.

But today to break the Note-to-Self rule, which proves rules are there to be bent and once in a while to be broken.

Be an example, a role model to the children....Hmmmm?

I will make my own tea, I will iron my own shirt, I will do my share of hoovering, I understand why I am not a note to self person.

I need a teenager to make me a cuppa, or fail to make me a cuppa, but I'm gonna ask.


  1. You'll be waiting a long time for that tea, then!
    My thoughts are that if the teenager did lots of jobs around the house, I wouldn't be able to adjust when he leaves home in the future. Far easier to do it all myself and then I won't know the difference.

  2. I may also ask for two sugars and a generous dollop of milk to have the full anti-climax experience.