Saturday, 25 September 2010

Bravado and Bravo

Bravado is for teenage persona like air needs oxygen, pushing the balloon, puffing the chest. Shyness, humility, caring, appear to be the resting place of nitrogen. 21% of genuine personality is amplified to 79% of projected what one should be. This is not wannabee, this is "shouldbees". A persona based on peer group image.

A character as much based on the brown stuff, as it is based on the right stuff. A character with an adult exclusion zone daring to brave the smell.

The hormones are running wild in the arteries. Boasts are made without thorough thought and without remedy if challenged. Maturity is searched for and not found. Immaturity is found, but damn the parent to hint at this.

So as relationships fail by degrees, it is with a sense of joy to do the something right that proves the umbilical cord may be cut, but the umbilical link survives.

We play ball, I do my thang of fakes, stepovers, ambi-dextrous spellbinding dribbling, damn I'm good and he is quicker today, he will be better tomorrow, I will be older still. I am the one living in bravado of a youth that is not fast fading, but has faded.....he beats me hands down. I was good once.

He smiles against his bravado persona and whispers a Bravo to self. Teenager is taking the crown.

Bravado cuts both ways.

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