Friday, 6 August 2010

Unwanted Dead or Alive

I am experienced, I probably look to my teenagers as if I shared wine with Jesus Christ and thought it was a bit watery. I have been there, touched it, seen it, smelt it, read it, re-read it, lost it, found it and put in a safe place that I forgot about, like you do. I have done the whole sensory perception thing and I am a wealth of advice that they ~ my teenagers ~ not want to hear in their young vibrant dynamic world.

~ White lines Don't do it~ may have been a key message rapped by an 80's somebody, it was grand and flashed, before a thousand dancing boys trying to qualify as men ~ as "wear a condom" may have become common parlance as Freddie died a death before a thousand dancing girls that may have had a chance to become girlfriends if I had not been shy.

It is now unwanted advice like cardboard on boxing day and with a feeling that the cardboard even before Christmas was only superficially wanted.

There were times I could rest a beer on a child's head and think there was a purpose to this life after all, now I am in danger of being a balding head resting place to a teenage iPod. When climbing frames were conquered with a fierce intensity and rewarded with smiles. It seems a long ago time, my role is now second going on third place, as a teenage best friend has best advice until he is relegated by the girl with a pretty face or at least pretty to him.

Feeling sorry for myself and where is my free bus pass.

Yeah, time to sit back and re-discover a life outside being child minder, as my teenagers discover a life outside of me. I may need some tips from my teenagers on how to spread my wings, as I have lost the knack of walking alone.

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