Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Teacher leave those kids....

How we used to chant that song that declared we did not need Education and promptly still did our homework, we were rebels with irony, anarchists as long as we could run away and definitely before we actually did anything.

Today My son needs eduaction, I say so, he needs a little help doing his homework, well to be accurate he needs help to sit down to start his homework. This is a challenge since there are a million and one enemy combat non-heroes to shoot, blow-up, or otherwise destroy.

Quadratic equations are simply not in the same league of entertainment. His Christas present is to be wireless wired to the internet team. Whatever happened to Action man.

To motivate is difficult. To educate is difficult. To talk of the big bad world is difficult, the real world. I may need threats, carrots and a credit card.

My son needs less entertainment and little more education if you please. There is no happy ending yet, life is as such and more of "to be continued" ending. Father don't leave those kids alone.

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