Saturday, 27 April 2013

The Taking of the Clever Biscuit

There are times to share my knowledge with the little ones.

There are other times to shuttup in the face of vitriolic abuse, that I am a patronising patriach of the not-so-little ones.

It s a difficult call these days.

I am an Educator. I explain useful things and at times not so useful things.This is one of my purposes in life.
Somehow this is translated as an overbearing nurturing by the fat one. Apparently being an Educator is not all what I thought it was cracked up to be.

Today I explain that if she looks up "Sweet Child of Mine" on Google that it is in fact "Sweet Child O' Mine". The "f" has been dropped as in twelve o'clock.

She ~ Madam Teenager ~ knows that there is no "f" in "Sweet Child O' Mine". Apparently this discussion is a sure-fire sign, that I think she is Stupid as in "Do you think I am Stooop-Id?"

There is so much emphasis in the air that the oxygen is getting thinner/

Ho hum.

I decide to test the stupidity level, simultaneously raising the bar and also lowering the tone "Then ......Sod O".  In the last word of cleverness, the Clever Biscuit, I think you agree, has been taken.

She laughs, then she looks at me as a token sad person in her life. She corrects me, in my brain is so much younger and quicker than yours way. She emphasises with a teenage skill in pronounciation aimed at reducing me to toddler status :
 "Oh Touche ...Sod of....". Ho hum and double Ho hums. The last letter in cleverness is eating my biscuit, so to speak.

I am getting too old for this bar raising malarchy.


  1. This reminded me sooo much of being a teenager! If it makes you feel any better, the derision I once felt for my parents who I once held to be "the most stupid people on the planet" has now changed back to respect and love. I bet it will soon be that way again for you too. It might be a few years, but it will happen! :D

  2. Thank you, but do not fear for the Hero Dad in this war of Young and Old. This battle may have been lost but the war is long. I fear the Director's cut version whilst not necessarily raising the bar did indeed lower the tone and featured words like "uck".

    I know they like me really. She laughed.

  3. It's very important for their development to not let the buggers get one over on you. This needs careful planning. I'm with you e ery step of the way.

  4. I have more cunning plans than a baldrick with a silent p.

    1. a brothel.

      Who forgot the funny bit, I am getting old.

  5. So she no longer thinks you're infallible, but you've found someone to play word games and jokes with - signs of higher civilization.

  6. Sadly my days of daddy cool is receding faster than my hairline.

    As for higher civilisation, I believe in our household it is reliant of the daughter wearing heels.

    thanks for commenting.