Friday, 7 September 2012

Fashionista - Hero

I am apparently back at the cutting edge Fashionista - why you may ask, although now I only respond to por quoi as I pret-a-porter it.

The kids are growing old and as part of this process they deciding whether to strive for an "ista" or an "ology", and "ista" is winning. Where once pink was the colour for at least one of the family, and Disney stores were as "must see" as must see gets, unless Toys R us were having a sale.

Now as teenage hormones kick in with overtones that  fashion takes on a key role in self expression.....well peer group expression.
As if by magic, the colours are multiplied and crossed tartan is back, its as if the "Bay City Rollers" were the true lost prophets.. There is more is more tartan than a Highland Fling could compete with in the school yard.

And I am rolling the clock back, a pendulum that rocks in years.

Never mind the sweat stains, never mind the wear patches, never mind the pot belly, I have tartan in the closet. I am cutting edge.

It time to be cool again.


  1. Rather perturbed you have tartan lurking in your closet. How long has it been there?
    I used to do Highland Dancing as a child - North of England Beginners Champion in 1973 no less - but gave it up when my kilt became too short. Sadly it isn't lurking in my closet.

  2. I have to be a saddo to admit I have had a soft spot for tartan since childhood and still have about three shirts of varying embarrassing ages that are now being rewarded for my faith.