Friday, 11 March 2011

Let us....take time out

Remember me I am your father. Here have a photo

We are like ships in the night destined to meet by accident in the darkness of the shadows, time for a light switch methinks. I could grow a beard and shave it off before I am recognised as a person of influence in the teenage life. I appear to be a passing tourist in the journey to adulthood of my boy.

But talking of shadows, I wondered what that shadow that cast a mean moody magnificence to the youngster's face and wondered if the mood lighting was working.

His bumfluff is migrating to stubble, and I as you common old garden middling-stepping-on-the-business-ladder exec without a safety net, means I feel I am missing out, I have hardly discussed shaving techniques. My role as the great Educator is superfluous to the adequate Provider.

There appears a thousand and one urgent business related deadline things to do, rather than compliment his facial fungus or even criticise it or even smirk in a proud to know a sign of a maturity in boy.

He is growing older and I am growing old. Business meetings should wait a while, if the .....but the...while the .....and who pays for the Playstation 3.

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